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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pollinators, Pollinators, We Love Pollinators!

This week with the first grade class we taught them about pollinators.
After learning a new song the kids were then sent out into the garden
at Melrose to find some pollinators. We found lots of bees and a few lady 
bugs. In this picture is Ms. Sydney and a 1st grade student looking for
some lady bugs! 

Here is one of the students drawing some of the pollinators they found. 
Their favorite seemed to be drawing lady bugs and bees. 

The kids found this cute little lady bug sitting on a mustard plant! After reviewing
the four parts of the plant with the kids they then could identify that the lady 
bug was sitting on a leaf. 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bugs: The Good & The Bad

This week's lesson covered Bugs in the Garden!

The second graders from Melrose Elementary had the opportunity to learn about the four groups of bugs in the garden, and how/why insects are different than bugs! 

After differentiating between bugs and insects, we discussed the first group, the Decomposers, such as worms, and how they benefit the garden by breaking down plant matter and turning it into nutrients for the soil.  We also touched on the second group of bugs, Pollinators, such as bees, and their important job of transporting pollen and seeds. 

Next we talked about the third group of garden bugs,  Garden Pests, such as the Harlequin cabbage bug. We were able to find one in the garden, and explained why pests like these do not benefit the plant or the garden. The kids were surprised to find that spiders and bees were not part of this group!

Last, we talked about the awesome Garden Helpers such as ladybugs, and their role as the pest control in the garden. The kids were able to witness each one of these bugs and insects in order to give them a visual of 'who does what' in the garden!

We ended the lesson by having the kids draw and identify their favorite bug from the garden, and then celebrated with fresh papaya!