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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Day with Kids!!!!

The Melrose Elementary School Peace Patch Garden saw it's first kids today! This unique garden space uses raised garden boxes rather than sunken beds like the other schools, which made today's planting task easy. Since this is a young garden, all the boxes were ready to receive plants for the new semester. The primary focus of today was to plant the lettuce, kale, and mustard green starts, but also to introduce ourselves to the students we will be working with and lay down some garden norms for the semester. I worked with an exceptional couple of fifth graders today who really took an interest in not only the physical planting and care of the plants, but of the biology and chemistry behind the veggies we were working with. I loved diving into some of the more challenging material and having my personal knowledge tested with these older kids. I can't wait to continue working with these smarties for the rest of the semester: growing and learning together!

By: Andréa Martin

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