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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A new year of garden education is here!

On Friday we had the pleasure of hanging out with two second grade classes taught by Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Furse. The students remembered their USFSP and Eckerd College team leaders from last week and seemed very excited to have us back at Melrose.

We were able to get through the whole lesson about seeds in our small groups and students were very intrigued by the different sizes, shapes, and textures of the seeds. Many of the kids were able to guess what seeds need to grow (sunlight, space, air, water, soil-- in most cases), that they are living things, and some were even able to guess which of the seeds they held would in time grow into marigolds, purple beans, and acorn squash!

The kids absolutely loved "raking" the soil in the grow boxes and then poking holes with their fingers to plant their seeds. They were very controlled when it came time to water their personal plants: they stood in a line and very carefully, one by one, tipped the watering can slightly over the edge of the boxes until the soil was lightly saturated. They definitely understood that overwatering could kill their seeds and took this part of the lesson very seriously without instruction.

At the end of our time together we had them guess what the upcoming lesson could possibly be about and elementary and college students seemed equally excited to return this Friday for the parts of the plant!

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